A web presence is an essential component of brand experience and customer engagement. We approach web design with a proven methodology to create digital properties that delight audiences and meet business goals.


Key disciplines required to bring digital projects to life



  • Scope definition
  • Research / Discovery
  • User Experience
  • Content


  • Wireframes
  • Interface
  • Prototypes


  • Images
  • Articles
  • Merchandising
  • Videos


  • Development
  • Content Management
  • Optimization
  • Testing / QA


Best practices for requirements gathering, user research, UI design, usability testing and the development of an effective website.



Working collaboratively with the project owner and other stakeholders, we identify your goals, success metrics and functionality requirements for the new site. This critical first step assures alignment of scope and expectations for the entire team.

Common objectives are lead generation and conversion, delivering product/service content or facilitating online sales.

We define your target audience(s), the reason they are visiting your site and who you are competing against in order to differentiate your brand and define your value in the marketplace.

We also document site features, content types and testing requirements to clearly define the project scope and to ensure an on-time, successful outcome.



In addition to looking great, a site must be easy and enjoyable to use. Usability is integral to creating an engaging and rewarding experience for your audience.

We create personas based on user research and web analytics to accurately define your key audience segments and what they need from your site. Well-defined personas inform site features, reveal gaps and lead the way to new ideas to reach your audience.

Based on these defined groups, we are able to develop informed information architecture and intuitive navigation that allows your site to fully meet their expectations.



Most people use search engines for finding information, so it’s critical to online success that your site ranks high in their results. Our methodology ensures that your website is technically accessible and that your valuable content can be found.

By gaining a deep understanding of your business and it’s target audiences, we create an optimization plan that addresses critical organic search factors such as a strategic sitemap, content, URL architecture, navigation structure and linking.

Search engines are continually evolving and adapting to consumer needs. Optimizations are continually tested to drive more targeted traffic and conversions.



Content is integral part of organic search success. We create useful, relevant content for your online audiences, and deliver it when and where they need it most.

Great content is content that keeps people coming back for more because it reflects your organization’s goals and user’s needs. Content includes the keywords, articles, videos are images words on the page that are vital to improving the user experience of a website – and registering higher in the SERPs.

We can help you identify what content already exists, what should be created and how it should be prioritized, organized, and accessed.



Design should improve the user experience, making tasks and navigation intuitive, with all contextually relevant choices and supporting information clearly visible.

We begin with mobile-first wireframes to define the elements and different features on all pages to visualize architecture and user flow more easily. Wireframes can easily be revised or changed, which makes the process more cost-effective.

We then create the visual style of the site, choosing elements that support the brand and that create consistency to make it easier for users to learn how to use the site. Familiar UI elements and patterns help users understand how to exactly navigate.

For final approval, we build interactive prototypes to test usability on all device types.



Users expect websites to function flawlessly across a myriad of devices and be accessed easily with search engines.

Our developers work closely with the design team to transform design into digital reality. We compare the original design to the live pages for accuracy and consistency, ensure that navigation is working correctly and finally test forms, searches and ecommerce functions before new pages are shared with the client.

We leverage Google’s web-monitoring webmaster tools and analytics to make sure each site has the opportunity to top the search results page. The code is built to provide fast, accessible content that employs the best modern practices to ensure the site performs great and loads even faster – no matter what device it is viewed with.



Intuitive content management tools facilitate easy updates that keep the content fresh.

At the successful completion of every site, we host a training session to walk administrators through the site management tools and answer any questions. We ensure that every team member has access to the tools they need to complete their particular tasks.

We provide end user documentation with passwords, core workflows and annotated screenshots so that information about the new site can be shared and referenced in the future. We also provide post-launch support to address unexpected issues as new content or updates are applied to the new site.


You now have an understanding of how we approach the web design process, how it provides value, and why it’s essential to your success in the marketplace.

Most websites are in continual evolution. After launching a site, our team can provide content updates and maintenance partnerships to make sure your site stays current and meeting your business goals.